Quick start

The code for the contest can be obtained from the Github project page

$ git clone https://github.com/PulledPork0/AlgoCompetition.git

The supplied run_trial.py is the scoring program, and you can test it out on one of the supplied examples: example.py

$ ./run_trial.py example

If all the tests pass, the calculated score is listed on the line total cost, which is followed by a breakdown of where the computational cost is ocurring

total cost: 5356404348 (5.36e+09)
basic operation counts:
    add:2.73e+05, sub:1.22e+06, mul:1.01e+06, div:4.11e+05
basic operation costs:
    add:1.48e+07, sub:6.57e+07, mul:8.68e+08, div:4.41e+09
routine counts:
    gcd:1.00e+04, reduce_form:1.00e+04
routine costs (percent of total):
    gcd:1.25e+09 (23.4%), reduce_form:3.51e+09 (65.6%)

Check out example.py and example2.py for two example solutions.

Contest registration and submissions will be handled using git repositories. So once you have a working solution, follow the directions in 'Contest Rules' to register and submit your entry.